MOD Progress

​​Thank you to all of the drivers, travelers, neighbors, and employees and airline partners who have helped us get off to a great start with the Midway Modernization Program. We recognize the inconveniences that come with construction and appreciate your patience.

As the construction affects more areas in and around the airport, we will continue to provide updates to help you plan accordingly. Follow us on Twitter for the latest. We appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll join in the excitement as we watch a modern Midway rise up around us!

Construction Progress Timeline

Construction Update June 2020

Security Checkpoint Expansion

Cicero Avenue is beginning to return to pre-construction conditions. Restoration of the roadway’s landscaping is ongoing through June, and traffic barrels will be removed once complete.

security checkpoint expansion

Finishing work outside on the upper level roadway

Inside the terminal, interior finishing continues in the south bridge in preparation for connecting to north bridge in late July. Installation of the checkpoint’s roof is also ongoing.

The south baggage claim area remains partitioned off with lower level door #1 open while elevator and escalator installation continue in this area.

security checkpoint expansion security checkpoint expansion

Finishing work inside the south bridge and south mezzanine

security checkpoint expansion

Terminal Parking Garage Enhancements

Temporary daytime lane closures on Kilpatrick Avenue for crash barrier installation on level 2 are expected to be in place through the end of June. The new entrance on level 1 is now open, and new parking spaces will be added on this level once the north entrance is closed.

New wayfinding signage continues to go up in all terminal lots. Installation of PARCs (Parking Access Revenue Control Systems) equipment is ongoing at all garage entrances - terminal garage, economy garage, daily lot, cellphone lot, and various employee lots. Some temporary and partial closures to entrances/exits will be necessary, but efforts will be made to maintain access where possible. Equipment is also being tested and calibrated to ensure it functions properly. Equipment installation and testing is expected to last through the end of summer.

Upgrades to passenger elevators in terminal garage lobbies and improvements to parking spaces, lighting, painting, and safety features are also in progress.

Concessions Redevelopment Program

The Concessions Redevelopment Program will reflect Chicago’s diversity and showcase the best of local options and brands through a $75 million private partnership investment. With more than 70 offerings planned, the effort will double concessions jobs from 700 to 1,400.

Construction work is on hold until further notice.

Visit the project page for progress through this Spring.

Building System Improvements

Travelers and employees may continue to notice brief, closures in the terminal and concourses for system upgrades. This includes some daytime work in the Central Market in June. Cones and soft barriers (drapes) will mark off work areas. An 8-foot walkway will be maintained for employees and passengers.

Temporary closures at gates/waiting areas (two at a time) are planned in Concourse B during June and July. Extra seating will be available. System improvements will last through summer but should not affect overall operations or travelers.

security checkpoint expansion