MOD Progress

​​Thank you to all of the drivers, travelers, neighbors, and employees and airline partners who have helped us get off to a great start with the Midway Modernization Program. We recognize the inconveniences that come with construction and appreciate your patience.

As the construction affects more areas in and around the airport, we will continue to provide updates to help you plan accordingly. Follow us on Twitter for the latest. We appreciate your continued support and hope you’ll join in the excitement as we watch a modern Midway rise up around us!

Construction Progress Timeline

Construction Update September 2020

Security Checkpoint Expansion

The entire TSA checkpoint is open for operation and all construction partitions have been removed. All 17 screening lanes are now available. Passengers can transition into the spacious north security hall (site of future concessions) or use the new south exit lane to go through the south mezzanine and on to baggage claim.

Delta Airlines has relocated to its original baggage service office (BSO) and ticketing counter for resumed services beginning mid-month.

There are some nightly lane closures on Cicero Avenue as needed for remaining exterior work. Work on miscellaneous punch list items also continues.

security checkpoint expansion

Terminal Parking Garage Enhancements

Refurbishment of the CTA pedway elevator gets underway after Labor Day and will last a few weeks. Alternate access will be available during construction. The CTA pedway escalator work was completed in early September.

PARCs equipment has now been installed at all lots. In the terminal garage, activity continues on several levels, including:

  • New parking spaces and striping on level 1.
  • New LED lighting at pedestrian and level 2 entrances.
  • New emergency exit stairway on level 3.

Ongoing improvements include adding new wayfinding signage to terminal lots and upgrades to garage lobbies.

Activity in the CTA employee lot continues with stormwater drainage work beginning this month.

Concessions Redevelopment Program

The Concessions Redevelopment Program will reflect Chicago’s diversity and showcase the best of local options and brands through a $75 million private partnership investment. With more than 70 offerings planned, the effort will double concessions jobs from 700 to 1,400.

Construction work is on hold until further notice.

Visit the project page for progress through this Spring.

Building System Improvements

System upgrades in the Central Market area will continue through September. Travelers and employees may notice brief closures in the area as daytime work continues. Cones and soft barriers (drapes) will mark off work areas, and an 8-foot walkway will be maintained. Activities are expected to wrap up by the end of the month.